Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting Back to Climbing, Week 2

My gym schedule:
Friday.  Just me and the kid (and of course the wonderful girl who hangs out with him while I climb).
Wednesday.  Family gym night.  John, the kid and me; trading the kid, swapping burns.

After last Friday's session I felt great.  Good endorphins.  Abs aching from the gym-style equipment after climbing.  Ate my protein for recovery.
Monday and Tuesday I actually got up on the hang board.  There is no excuse for me not to get on the hang board everyday.  It is hanging in the skylight in our family room... it is right there.  Our coffee table is also right there, so it isn't like I would even have to jump to reach it.  The thing is... I just don't like hang boards.  Maybe it is just that I don't get on it enough and I suck.  Or perhaps they just are not one bit motivating.  Nonetheless, I actually did get on it this week.  The Kid loves it; stands there pointing, laughing, and then wanting to be put up there to hang for the next hour (but that is a whole other post in itself).
Wednesday, family night at the gym, did not happen.  We had snow and ice.  The gym is about 25 minutes away, and it is not worth it to put the Kid in the car when the roads are bad.  Anyway, we did play in the snow Wednesday and Thursday, and getting the Kid suited up in his snow outfit (boots, pants, coat, gloves hoodie, and hat) is almost a workout.
Friday I did make it to the gym.  Going once a week is barely maintenance, but I could still do the problems from last week so I am not beating myself up.  There were several new boulder problems set in the overhanging area of the lead wall; overhanging, big juggy moves... exactly what I do not like, and exactly what I need to work the most.  So I worked on those.

Well, so much for being injury free after my hiatus.  I did something 'new' to one of the tendons in my elbow.  Never had an elbow issue before; have had the usual sprained ankles, biceps tendon insertion pain, pulled tendons in my hands and fingers, nerve impingement in my hip... blah blah blah.  Every climber is always nursing at least one injury.
Anyway the elbow tendon thing is new.  I don't know what I did exactly, but I knew I did something about midway through the session.  And in the middle of the night, I could feel it achy, swelling and painful every time I rolled over.  Oh well not much I can do now.

Protein and Carbs for dinner.  Quinoa bean burgers with bleu cheese and fries.  I burned the shit out of the fries, but the burgers were good.

That is all for now... time to go scavenge some food to eat while the Kid is napping.

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