Sunday, February 13, 2011

Getting Back to Climbing, Week 4

I made it to the gym on Wednesday evening with the family, and Friday just with the Kid.  No hang board this week!  My plan is to do one week on the hang board and one week off (uh so this week coming up I will have to get on it).  On Wednesday, I sent the long traverse that my husband set a few weeks ago.  Got it first burn, and thought "why were the final moves so hard last week?".  I even went upstairs to the weight machines Wednesday night, which is always a good thing.  It seems as though I always run out of time by the end of my session... gone are the days when I could go the gym for 4-5 hours without a care.  The Kid has fun at the gym for about two hours, and then he is shot.
By Friday, I still felt sore from Wednesday night, and that is the way it should be as far as I am concerned.  Friday didn't boast any new sends - but it is plastic, so who cares anyway.  It is only a measure of improvement.

It is mid-February, one of the times during the year that John and I would road trip to Joshua Tree for some desert climbing.

Although we have planned to return the past two years, it just hasn't worked out for us.  Last year the Kid was just learning to walk, and it would have been too much trying to contain him on the plane, and then keep him away from all of the sharp things found in the desert.  The first time I went to J.T. I realized that everything in the desert was sharp... except for coyotes.  This year, a trip would stress us financially.  Being a single income family adjusts priorities, and our top priority is for me to continue to stay home and raise the Kid.   Perhaps I will post some of my travel journal entries from our last trips.

On the bright side... unlike plastic gym problems... real rock boulder problems will still be there, whether I return this year or next.  Gunsmoke will still be waiting for me.  So will Slashfash and Fist Full of Walnuts.

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